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Isnin, 13 Jun 2011

Giler Jiwang!! ^_^

Assalamualikum sume..
brjumpe lagi korang dengan aku yang annoying nie~~

entry kali nie aku nak jambu2 jiwang2 sikit la..
ley x??
msty la x boley kann... :D

When i wake up 
your the first person that comes to my mind
                                                                 i never thought that 
i would ever feel this way for anyone 
i always hide my heart 
and build my walls up 
so no one could ever hurt me or bring them down, 

until i met you 
all of that changes now 
i feel like you going to know 
every single thing about me inside and out 
like the things that 
piss me off 
make me smile 

I never met a GIRL like you
who love all the things
love the same things that i like, 
to be honest 
i feel you are my better half 
that i have been looking for the past 19yrs of my life 

with you 
i feel so complete 
whenever I'm around you 
Its like 
i'll do whatever 
to make your day the best day of your life ever. 

I never want to see you sad 
 cause its makes me upset. 

I never smile this much outta of my whole life 
you getting me to smile every single day non-stop 

whenever somebody says your name
 i get this feeling inside of me 
a great warm feeling 
telling me that 
this person is gonna make me happy 
no matter what i or we go through. 

You are the person that's gonna 
make me fall in love 
You make me happy in so many ways 
that i can't even imagine and 
i can't stop being happy because of you 
i would hate to go back to not being happy 
because that's something i cant deal with. 

I ask myself 
"what am I gonna do with a person like you?
Who have 
so much passion 
for love 
and happiness 

I can show you love 
that no guy have ever show 
or make you feel inside and out 
I'm a MAN not a Lil boy 

i don't play games 
play with people hearts and feelings 
with you 
I want to hold you and love 
for the rest of my life 
no doubt about it!

i always ask myself 
"what am i gonna do??
the answer to that question is 
to love you 
care for you 
for the rest of our lives 
together until it times for us 
to meet with our Creators.. 

**hahaha..da lama seyh x jiwang2 cmnieyh..
sory,ayat x bpe nak best..BI mmang tunggang terbalek..haha :D

**I always wonder who'll be that GIRL..
hope i'll really find 'her'.. :) 

^___^ V


klik la Tukang Iklan.. :D